Early New World Monumentality

Characteristics of Ancient Monumental Architecture
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ziletharecness.tk/1560.php Other nearby areas, such as Chupacigarro, Lurihuasi and Miraya, became centers of power.

She plans to continue excavating Caral and says she would someday like to build a museum on the site. How did they control the other populations? What was their main god? Continue or Give a Gift. Privacy Policy , Terms of Use Sign up.

Considering Early New World Monumentality

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Early New World Monumentality

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Comment on this Story. From the Mississippian mounds in the United States to the early pyramids of Peru, these monuments have been well-documented, but less attention has been paid to analyzing the logistical complexity involved in their creation. In this collection, prominent archaeologists explore the sophisticated political and logistical organizations that were required to plan and complete these architectural marvels.

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They discuss the long-term political, social, and military impacts these projects had on their respective civilizations, and illuminate the significance of monumentality among early complex societies in the Americas. Early New World Monumentality is ultimately a study of labor and its mobilization, as well as the long-term spiritual awe and political organization that motivated and were enhanced by such undertakings.


She plans to continue excavating Caral and says she would someday like to build a museum on the site. I then discuss chronological and other patterns in monument types and locations. Teotihuacan, by C. The position of temples was often linked to the rhythms of the cosmos. SmartNews History. Future of Space Exploration. Across the Americas, cultures tailored their calendars to mark the movements of the sun, moon and stars.

Mounds and other impressive monuments left behind by earlier civilizations continue to reveal their secrets, offering profound insights into the development of complex societies throughout the New World. Richard L. Burger, professor of anthropology at Yale University, is the author of several books on South American prehistory, including Chavin and the Origins of Andean Civilization.

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